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Your employees are your most valuable assets when they are performing optimally. Our HR and organizational development professionals and industrial psychologists can help your team assess and improve the performance of individual employees, teams, or your entire organizational workforce.

Increase your business results by investing in performance consulting. Choose from our broad offering of performance assessments to determine your needs. Then, our consulting and design experts will help you strengthen underperforming areas with performance management, training, coaching, and additional tools.

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​What Is Performance and Productivity Consulting?

Productivity consulting is a process to maximize employee performance. It is designed to align organizational goals with employee productivity and equip employees to focus and work more efficiently. When employees increase productivity, they have more control over their workload, reduced stress and exhaustion, and increased daily motivation and engagement.

Not only are employees happier, but when workforce productivity increases, there are a multitude of business benefits as well – production is elevated, profitability increases and operational costs decrease. By optimizing resources, businesses have a competitive edge and more opportunity for growth. When employees work to their full potential, the results are heightened organizational business results.

What Makes Employees Unproductive?

Employees can be unproductive for a variety of reasons. They may not be motivated to perform because they feel their work does not matter, they have too much on their plate to succeed in all tasks, or do not have adequate technology to excel. Employees need to feel that what they do is important and contributes to the overall success of their organization and that their employers are equipping them to succeed.

Identifying Gaps and Implementing Solutions

The employment specialists at Employers Council are experts in identifying performance gaps, analyzing performance, providing organization specific recommendations. Our specialists are available to coach individuals or teams to immediately spike workplace productivity and develop performance patterns to transform their long-term productivity mindset. By investing in your employees' performance improvement, you can directly impact workplace motivation, employee satisfaction, and your organization's bottom line.​

Employers Council can assist you in the following areas:​

  • Employee Tests, Assessments and Surveys
  • Employee Development and Performance Management
  • Organizational Development Services
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • HRCI and SHRM Certification and Prep Classes
  • Leadership Development
  • Mediation Services​

Employee Tests, Assessments, and Surveys

The workplace consultants at Employers Council offer multiple employee and executive assessments for any stage of the employment cycle – from employee onboarding to employee exits.

Consultants assess employee skills and behaviors, such as personality, cognitive ability and integrity, to help organizational leaders determine candidates' potential to fit within an organization or a current employee's fit for a promotion or transfer. These tests help predict job performance, reduce turnover and set each employee up for success.

Employers Council uses the 360 Assessment method to help company executives and leaders grow through comprehensive and candid feedback from stakeholders throughout the company. Our specialists help build and administer the confidential survey, and help executives understand and implement the performance feedback.

The employee engagement surveys help leaders gauge employee engagement and define causes for organizational issues, such as turnover or morale. We also offer the Denison Cultural Survey, which is based on 20 years of research and focuses on four cultural traits to determine what an organization needs to do in order to improve performance.

Employee Development and Performance Management

The Employers Council HR consultants provide project-based or ongoing support in day-to-day challenges. Whether you are establishing a performance appraisal process for the first time or looking to develop your current practice further, our performance and development programs can help. We provide guidance specific to your organization in the following matters and beyond:​

  • Employee development
  • Global or local expansion
  • Downsizing
  • Administrative guidance
  • Recordkeeping practices
  • Succession planning
  • Workplace violence preventative planning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Payroll
  • Policy and handbook development
  • Health care reform
  • Social media

The Employers Council HR consultants have years of experience and stay up to date on current HR best practices and emerging workplace issues.

Orga​nizational Development Services

The organizational development (OD) professionals at Employers Council assess current organizational development and identify specific strategies for enhancing effectiveness. Think to yourself – what makes a great leader? Now think about what makes a leading organization.

We can help you integrate your business goals into the day-to-day processes at your company, and create a systematic, efficient organization. The OD consultants engage in the following:​

  • Denison Culture Assessment
  • Vision / mission / values / norms facilitation
  • Change management
  • Business operations review
  • Initiative planning and implementation coaching

These training professionals can also assist in group functions:

  • Group level assessments
  • Team / group facilitation
  • Conflict management skills
  • Mediation of conflicts
  • Team building
  • Group process consultation
  • Open space technology.

Workplace Coaching

It takes good coaching to make a good coach. Through consulting and anonymous surveys, you can discover what your employees look for in a leader and need from a leader in order to succeed.

The Employers Council interactive coaching experience and customized development planning can help you build better relationships with your employees and achieve long-term excellence. Manage more effectively and watch results improve with this training activity.

Training Needs Analysis

How can you best equip your employees in the onboarding process or in their career development? Training gaps can lead to performance issues - with the Employers Council training needs analysis, you can determine the training programs that your employees want and need to succeed at your organization.

We help determine the training gaps and implement those findings. This custom analysis includes: ​

  • Diagnostic discussion
  • Employee training needs survey
  • Job analysis
  • Program implementation

HRCI and SHRM Certification and Prep Classes

We know the importance of demonstrating expertise and are here to help you earn those credentials. Employers Council offers coursework and preparation for all HRCI and SHRM certifications, including aPHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, etc. Each training module is taught by several experts who will help you obtain the required knowledge and guide you with test-taking strategies.

Whatever your training availability, we have solutions that fit your needs. And, once you pass the certifications, we have resources ready for you to keep them active.

Leadership Development

Employers Council offers training to all managerial and leadership positions throughout a company. Our leadership development program combines leadership theory with practical applications and caters to a variety of learning styles. Promote professional growth throughout your organization with this holistic approach by not only developing employees, but the people who lead them.

A few topics that our leadership development program covers are:​

  • Managerial skills
  • Communications
  • Conflict management
  • Leading teams
  • Assertiveness
  • Delegation
  • Motivating employees
  • Diversity
  • Executive leadership
  • Group facilitation

Mediation Services

Conflict can inhibit workplace productivity and work quality. When this occurs, action is required from organizational executives. If an issue is not solved by normal interventions or is beyond an executive's capacity, mediation is beneficial. Employers Council is available to assess whether or not a situation needs a mediator, and can mediate the conflict to help employees resolve their issues and work effectively together.

Overview of Employers Council

The professionals at Employers Council are committed to helping business owners maintain and cultivate effective, successful organizations. Our consultants specialize in employment law, human resources, compensation, training, compliance, performance and more. We serve employers of all sizes, and are available today to help you address any aspect of the employer-employee relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in performance management for my organization?

Read this article from Employers Council HR Expert and Consultant Mark Cicotello, MBA, SPHR, GPHR, CCP, CECP, SHRM-SCP to help assess whether investing in this area is right for your organization.

​How can my organization address and prevent employee burnout?

Chelsea Jensen, MBA, SHRM-SCP, Human Resource Services can help you address and solve concerns in this area. Read her piece Addressing Employee Burnout in the New Year and become a member to talk to Chelsea about specific ways your organization can prevent burnout.

​Can Employers Council help me think through revamping our Performance Management System?

We can help you evaluate whether your system needs a comprehensive overhaul or simply a few changes or additions to help make it thrive. Learn more about what you should think about when evaluating a system like this and how to make the right changes for both short- and long-term growth.

​Does email hurt productivity?

​Kate Bartlett, MA, SPHR-CA, Human Resource Services Consultant explores this topic here and provides guidance on how to evaluate the role of email in your workplace. ​

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