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Brent Johnson, Attorney, Employment Law Services

A member reached out to me for assistance regarding a Charge of Discrimination they received from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Charge alleged the member discriminated against a former employee on the basis of the employee’s disability. The member was very anxious, as they felt they didn’t do anything wrong, but didn’t know how to present that information to the agency. On top of this, the Charge wasn’t brought to HR’s attention in the timely manner, and now the member found themselves up against the clock to get a position statement filed. To further complicate matters, the necessary and relevant information required to respond was not well organized, documented, or easily accessible. After the member contacted me, I was able to work with the EEOC to secure a continuance for the member allowing us to respond on a later date. I then assisted the member by helping them get to the bottom of the events that transpired, educated them on current legal standards, and advised on their efforts made to accommodate the former employee. After analyzing all of the information and drafting and filing a successful position statement with the agency, I guided the member on how best to handle similar situations in the future.

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