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Justin Hocking, Attorney, Employment Law Services

A small business/franchisee that operates a gym in metro Denver joined the Employers Council in April 2015. The business employs a handful of personal trainers who are also responsible for generating business for the gym by selling annual memberships and personal training sessions. I was able to help the business owner right away by reviewing her employment policies, job descriptions, and commission sales agreements. She appreciated having an employment attorney as a business partner, as she was focusing on building the business and attracting and retaining the best possible talent. About a year later, the member had an employee who was not meeting expectations and was causing the owner a lot of stress. She asked me for legal advice on how to deal with this employee. I listened to her concerns, guided her through the proper performance-documentation process, and helped her minimize the risk of a lawsuit. When the employee made a claim for unemployment benefits, I guided the business owner every step of the way through the unemployment process, and through our representation, we were able to get the result she was looking for.

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