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Dave Strousberg, Manager, Strategic Member Development

A member’s HR Director asked me if there was anything we could do to help ease tensions between two of the organization’s departments. Each department was extremely important, and cooperation between them was crucial to the organization’s success. Challenging personalities and new team leaders made it difficult for the departments to get along. I suggested onsite training for Negotiating Win-Win Results. I explained that the need for strong negotiation skills is not exclusive to organizations and their clients, but also between departments in an organization. With input from the HR Director, I was able to create a custom, two-day negotiation class for the organization. It was a tremendous success, as it helped facilitate positive discussion between the departments. In fact, the member was able to implement new procedures about how the departments interact with one another in order to best maximize cooperation and efficiency. Since then, the member and I have stayed in touch, and the member has even begun taking some of our Organizational Development classes.

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