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​Craft a Thriving Organization with Employers Council

Empower your leaders to succeed by developing and maintaining an effective, successful organization.

The Benefits of Belonging

  • HR and employment law information available 24/7
  • Access to our wage-and-benefits survey data, multiple publications, and online classes
  • Attorneys, HR consultants, industrial psychologists, skilled facilitators, and certified executive coaches at your fingertips
  • Representation before federal and state agencies
  • Assistance with handbook review, policy review, and ancillary services

Employers Council is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services to its members.

Employment Law Advice & Representation

  • We have over 60 attorneys to assist you with your employment and labor law needs by responding immediately to matters that could create legal issues. Our attorneys will also represent you before administrative agencies and advise you on sound employment practices.

HR Expertise and Support

  • Our experienced HR professionals can assist your organization in all phases of the employment life cycle.

Compensation Strategy & HR Data

  • For over 70 years, we have provided compensation, benefit and HR metrics to members, allowing them to make decisions based on reliable data. Employers Council conducts and publishes over 35 community and industry-specific surveys. Our HR professionals will assist you in planning and developing your compensation and benefit strategies, tapping into years of HR data and experience.

Training & Development

  • Employers Council trains and develops employees, managers, HR departments, and leaders. With over 300 distinct classes offered a variety of times throughout the year, we offer training in leadership skills, from first line supervisors to the C-suite, HR skills and employment law, in addition to a variety of other class types.

Compliance & Risk Management

  • Employers Council's library of resources and our staff's in-depth knowledge help employers stay in compliance in a constantly changing legislative environment.

Measure & Maximize Performance

  • We have tools to guide you in measuring employee performance and improving productivity, adding to your bottom line.

The workplace has become more complex over time. We are proud to offer solutions for organizations around the nation that assist them in accomplishing their goals and staying compliant.

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Membership Pricing

Pricing is based on company size and number of employees, so that our services scale to match your needs.

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We are ready to help.