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This session is the next evolution in compliance training: a practical application of the ADA and FMLA for front line managers and supervisors. Charges of disability discrimination have increased significantly since the passage of the ADA Amendments Act. The FMLA regulatory revisions provided employers with some opportunities to manage FMLA abuse. How can your managers protect your organization from potential legal liability?

They need to Stop, Look, and Listen.

STOP – Do managers know when to stop asking questions that might violate the ADA, FMLA or even GINA? Your managers are the first individuals to interact with an employee who has a medical condition. What your managers and supervisors say and do can have significant legal consequences.

LOOK - Managers cannot simply sit back and wait for the employee to utter the magic letters of ADA or FMLA. The FMLA requires employers to investigate whether the FMLA is applicable once the employee has provided sufficient information to put the employer on notice. Does your management team know what to look for to properly manage an employee’s medical issue?

LISTEN - Do managers know how to really listen and hear when an employee is requesting an accommodation under the ADA or leave under the FMLA? The employee is not required to use any technical legal jargon. Failure to recognize a request for accommodation under the ADA or time off under the FMLA could make your organization vulnerable.

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Front line managers and supervisors who interact with employees who have medical issues

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