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  • ​Critical Evaluation
  • Business Acumen


The process of strategic planning can be as important to an organization as the results it attains. That’s because the discipline behind strategic planning provides the road map for action; moving us (it) from “here” to “there.”

A strategic plan is invaluable in laying out company’s goals, demonstrating why they are important, uncovering ways to improve performance and sparking insights for solving organizational problems. But your strategic plan is more than just a lens to examine your business. It’s also an essential tool for communicating and connecting your people and the work they do to the organization’s mission and vision.


In this interactive class, participants will learn a framework for strategic planning that answers three fundamental questions:
  • Where are we now? Evaluate your current strategic position and clarify your mission, vision, and values.
  • Where are we going? Assess your competitive advantage and clearly describe the direction your organization is headed.
  • How will we get there? Lay out the pathway to connect where you are now to where you’re going. Set your strategic objectives, goals, and action items and how you’ll execute and communicate your plan.
For each stage, participants will explore creative tools that can be adapted and applied to strategic planning at the organization, department, and team level.

Designed For 
Organizational Managers, Leaders, HR professionals responsible for planning and action and anyone responsible for facilitating strategic planning sessions



Vanita Bellen, MHSC., True North Organizational Consultants​


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