Overview on this Certification

This certificate program focuses on skills needed to build a successful coaching relationship. It is useful in developing employees and monitoring performance on an ongoing basis. The program includes basic principles of coaching, practice in using coaching techniques, and practical experience and feedback. It includes a coaching skills 360 assessment to measure current coaching competency and to create an action plan towards improvement. 

Important Information: Beginning in2014, credit will only be givenfor seminars completed the five years immediately preceding the final class that qualifies the individual for the program. If you have relied on information published in previous catalogues and taken classes outside of this time frame, you must contact Registration by December 31, 2018, to receive the appropriate credit for those classes

Designed For

Managers, supervisors, and lead workers who monitor performance, and give feedback and developmental support to their employees. It is applicable to skills coaching, performance coaching or developmental coaching.*

* This certificate program teaches a skill set to be used in a supervisory role. It does not prepare the participant to be a professional coach
and is not ICF accredited.

Certificate Requirements

Before registering for these classes, please complete an application and return to Registration.  A member of the ODL Department will contact you regarding the program components and will work with you throughout your certification.

Please note that you must complete both the Required Core Classes and the Elective Classes down below to receive this certification.

Required Core Classes

  • Change Management: Building Resiliency

    Understand the process of change and transition in order to successfully manage change in our fast-paced world. Course ID MGMT114

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  • Coaching: Partnering for Performance

    We build the critical coaching skills necessary to enhance the supervisor/employee partnership, and give managers the tools and confidence needed to embrace the coaching role successfully. Course ID COACH104

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  • Coaching Practicum

    (Two Sessions)  Includes feedback.

  • Coaching 360  Assessment

    Current coaching skills assessed from a variety of perspectives.

  • Cultivating Your Listening Skills: Listening to Understand

    Class participants will address their unique habits and improve listening skills by: staying focused, capturing the message, and helping the speaker. Course ID PERSD114

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  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

    This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to raise your emotional quotient at work. Course ID MGMT111

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  • Performance Management: Setting the Stage for Success

    Supervisors and managers learn to manage employee performance and development as an ongoing process. Course ID PERF104

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Collaboration Skills: A Radical Approach to Problem Solving

Radical Collaboration® has a proven track record for teaching employees and organizations to become more successful. Course ID TEAM112

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Conflict Strategies

Through simulations and exercises, participants practice critical conflict management tools for navigating others through conflict. Course ID CONF114

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Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills

Practical tools to support manager, supervisors, and employees in accessing the critical awareness needed to improve or modify their interpersonal communication in the workplace. Course ID COMM108

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Group Facilitation Skills

Participants learn to clarify their role and grow their skills as facilitators. Course ID TEAM101

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Interpersonal Mastery

The Human Element® Approach is built upon the philosophy that the level of success an organization can achieve is determined by the quality of the relationships. Course ID COMM120

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Leading Through Influence

Participants increase their self-knowledge and awareness of their personal power base, determine strengths and weaknesses. Course ID MGMT103

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Leadership: Why Would Anyone Want to Follow You?

This course is designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex terrain of leading people. Course ID MGMT129

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Mediation Certificate Program

 Course ID CERTI124

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Stress Management in the Work Environment

This seminar provides a comprehensive approach to managing stress. Course ID PERSD107

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