Join us for a full day of keynote speakers, educational breakout sessions, exhibits and networking. This premier conference is designed for employers, wellness managers and other health professionals who work to improve all facets of employee health. Keynote, lunch, and breakout sessions will include topics on Health Literacy, Value-based Benefit Design, Economics of Wellness, Employee Engagement and Health Policy/Legal Compliance. In addition to the keynote presentations, breakout sessions and exhibits, the winner of the 2018 Colorado Governor’s Award for Worksite Wellness will be announced during the lunch program.

Opening Keynote Speakers

Leonard Kish, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO YouBase

Building the individual-centric health system. Entrepreneur, digital strategist, writer, and consultant specializing in digital health. One-time neuroscience researcher studying the neuronal network effects of Parkinson’s disease. Networks are still my passion. Healthcare is undergoing a generational shift from institutional care and reimbursement to individual control and empowerment. These goals are explained in a recently co-authored Nature Biotech article with Dr. Eric Topol explaining how a shift to patient-controlled health data networks could benefit current players:

Scott Conard

Healthcare Strategist

Healthcare costs are disabling America.  High cost, low value healthcare must be corralled, contained and cured.  As the founder and president of health care corporations, an advisor to corporations, or as a board member, Dr. Conard assesses, advises, and directs corporate initiatives to cross the chasm from volume to value based care. His experience as a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, physician, and healthcare strategist allows Dr. Conard to view the challenges from multiple perspectives and to relate to other healthcare providers, board members, employers and employees to assess the current situation, formulate an effective strategy and execute on increasing quality, service, and safety while eliminating unnecessary services and lowering the cost of healthcare.

Lunch Program Keynote Speaker

Al Lewis

Founder & President


Al Lewis wears multiple hats, both professionally and also to cover his bald spot.

He is the founder and “Quizmeister-in-Chief” of Quizzify, whose mission is to help companies teach their employees to utilize healthcare services appropriately, using a format best described as Jeopardy®-meets-health benefit education-meets-Comedy Central. Quizzify is the only vendor authorized to display the Harvard Medical School “Veritas” shield, and has received excellent reviews from users. His quiz-specific background includes authorship of the best-selling Newsweek Presents the Ultimate Trivia Game, writing and hosting The High School Quiz Show on WFXT in Boston, writing and hosting Quickwits on WLVI in Boston, writing and judging High-Q on WCVB in Boston, and appearing on Jeopardy.

As an author, his critically acclaimed category-bestselling book on outcomes measurement, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, chronicling and exposing the innumeracy of the health management field, was named 2012 healthcare book of the year in Forbes.  Cracking Health Costs:  How to Cut Your Company’s Health Costs and Provide Employees Better Care, released in 2013, was also a trade bestseller.  His 2014 book Surviving Workplace Wellness has also received great accolades and excerpts appeared in Harvard Business Review and elsewhere.

As a consultant, he is widely acclaimed for his expertise in population health and wellness outcomes and strategy, and in 2013 was named one of the unsung heroes changing health care forever. As a validator of population health outcomes, he is the primary consultant to the Intel-GE Validation Institute.

He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard, where he taught economics as well. He also graduated from Harvard Law School, albeit with no honors this time around, other than winning their annual trivia contest, of course.​


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