HR Competencies

  • Communication
  • Relationship Management


Participants gain a deeper understanding of their conflict patterns and acquire skills for responding constructively to interpersonal conflicts. Often people in organizations respond to conflict by trying to avoid it, or by reacting inappropriately because they don’t know how to manage the emotions or perceptions that are driving the conflict. Ineffective conflict management is time-consuming, costing organizations money and productivity. This class is about managing differences productively and efficiently while maintaining positive relationships.


Understanding the nature of conflict: exploring common myths and metaphors about conflict

Building Skills for Constructive Resolution

  • ​Creating an effective environment
  • Collecting information about the conflict
  • Communicating needs and desires
  • Creating options for mutual benefit
  • Confirming agreements to a solution

Understanding Personal Responses in Conflict

• Conflict style assessment
• Identifying alternative strategies
• Conveying understanding

Designed For

All levels of management and staff who are interested in constructive conflict


Employers Council staff


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