Overview on this Certification

Human resources professionals, managers, and supervisors are increasingly faced with legal issues in managing their employees. The purpose of this certificate program is to help participants understand the critical issues in the employment relationship and gain the basic skills needed to avoid litigation and create positive employee relations.

This series is designed to provide participants with a broad range of information on the significant laws that affect the employment relationship. The core seminars will provide a strong foundation for managing employment decisions. In addition, a participant can select four classes that are tailored to the individual’s professional and personal needs.

Designed For

Human resources professionals, managers, and supervisors

Certificate Requirements

Complete the following core seminars and four (4) seminars from the suggested additional seminars list. Due to the changing nature of employment law, all courses must be complete within a three year time frame.


Please note that you must complete both the Required Core Classes and the Elective Classes down below to receive this certification.

Required Core Classes

  • Any Legal Issues Class

    Legal Issues for Human Resources Professionals, Course ID LEGL148, Legal Issues for Supervisors and Managers Course ID LEGL149, or Legal Issues in Managing Employees for Governments and Special Districts, Course ID LEGL 128.

  • Discrimination in the Workplace: The Law of EEO

    Complaints of workplace discrimination continue to be one of the areas that have the most potential for employers. Course ID LEGL106

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  • Unemployment Compensation: Challenging Claims and Controlling Costs

    This seminar is designed to help employers understand who can receive benefits, the financial impact to the organization, and how to control/minimize unemployment costs. Course ID LEGL119

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  • Wage and Hour Workshop

    This seminar incorporates current case law, regulations, DOL Administrator Interpretations and enforcement efforts, along with the recent changes to the DOL’s white collar exemptions. Course ID LEGL121

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose four of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

ADA and FMLA for Managers

Protect your organization from ADA and FMLA liability. Course ID LEGL 147

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ADA: Managing Disabilities in the Workplace

This course provides the information necessary to effectively respond to employees with disabilities and maintain a productive workplace. Course ID LEGL 153

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Affirmative Action Workshop

This session will teach you how to interpret and maintain a compliant Affirmative Action Program. Course ID LEGL103

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COBRA in 2018

This workshop is useful for both in-house administrators as well as functional managers who must oversee compliance of staff or outsourced COBRA administrators. Course ID LEGL105

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Drug and Alcohol: DOT/FMC

Topics include determination of reasonable suspicion and detection of physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of alcohol misuse and controlled substances use. Course ID LEGL118

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FMLA: Advanced Workshop

Real-world FMLA situations all too often don’t involve the basics.Human resources professionals are often faced with situations that lie in the margins of the law . Course ID LEGL 180

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FMLA : A Guide for HR

The FMLA is truly one of the most complicated employment laws for human resources professionals. Are your current practices up to date? Course ID LEGL108

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Garnishments and Income Withholding Orders

This session will provide participants with information that will help them identify and properly process employee wage garnishments and income withholding orders. Course ID LEGL111

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Harassment Prevention

Providing managers and supervisors with appropriate training is one of the key ways an employer can prevent liability for harassment claims and avoid retaliation claims. Course ID LEGL116

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This seminar will provide employers with an overview of HIPAA’s privacy, security, breach notification, and enforcement rules from a Human Resource perspective. Course ID LEGL135

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Investigations in the Workplace

This seminar covers the basics: addressing complaints, determining scope,interviewing, documenting, and presenting and evaluating findings to support informed decision-making. Course ID LEGL113

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Managing the Ill or Injured Worker

This seminar will address the statutory requirements of each law, examine some of the common management difficulties that are encountered, and suggest practical ways to address these concerns. Course ID LEGL110

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Performance Documentation Skills

The seminar will focus on how the current legal climate affects employers, as well as the “how-to’s” of documenting employee actions. Course ID PERF105

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Reasonable Suspicion

This seminar includes an in-depth discussion of the signs and symptoms of on-the-job impairment by drugs or alcohol. Course ID LEGL117

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Unemployment Insurance Appeal Hearing Workshop

This fast-paced workshop will provide strategies for success at the appeal level and focus on hearing preparation, what can be expected to happen at the hearing, and how to handle the unexpected. Course ID LEGL120

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