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Many human resources professionals feel comfortable with the basics of the Family and Medical Leave Act. But real-world FMLA situations all too often don’t involve the basics. Human resources professionals are frequently faced with situations that lie in the margins of the law and test the most experienced professionals.

Examples include: what to do when an employee doesn’t want to use FMLA, dealing with FMLA abuse/fraud, calculating leave for exempt employees taking intermittent leave or employees working part-time or irregular schedules, determining when employers’ notice obligations are triggered, what to do when the employee fails to provide timely or complete notice of their need for FMLA, and more. To help you handle the trickiest FMLA situations, an Employers Council  staff attorney will highlight scenarios most likely cause confusion, and explain in practical terms how to handle those scenarios.

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Human resources professionals and in-house counsel with knowledge of the FMLA basics


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