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A key starting place for business success is solid Human Resource practices. In taking a journey into the world of human resources, you need to have the right map to find your way and meet the challenges you encounter. This class provides an integrated and practical approach linking HR to the employment life cycle and compliance areas. Participants receive fundamental tools and resources to manage HR functions. As an introductory class it is particularly useful to employees who are involved in the day-to-day operations of human resources.


The class journey includes:

HR Role:

Linking the HR function to business success and positive relationships
Building credibility by measuring what matters


  • Starting out on the “right foot” - recruiting, retaining, inter- viewing and onboarding

Performance Management:

  • Helping supervisors to succeed in man​aging employee performance

Compensation and Benefits:
  • Focusing on total rewards and what that means in terms of pay and benefits


  • Raising awareness of employment law and ways to lower your risks
  • Communicating organization guidelines through an employee handbook
  • Organizing employment records to keep compliant and be effective

Designed For

This foundational course is best suited for human resources professionals and administrators (with 0-3 years’ experience), office managers, and any other non-specialists who are responsible for the human resource function
Employers Council staff​


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