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Employers often find themselves becoming more involved in their employee’s personal financial affairs when they are served with garnishments or other attempts to collect monies owed by the employee. This session will provide participants with information that will help them identify and properly process employee wage garnishments and income withholding orders. This session will take a hands-on approach by reviewing frequently used forms and working through numerous examples.


  • Garnishments and Income Withholding Orders
  • What is a valid garnishment?
  • ​What types of garnishments attach to employee wages in Colorado?
  • How do garnishments differ from other income withholding orders?
  • What is a levy for unpaid taxes?
  • What is a student loan garnishment?
  • What are my obligations under orders to deduct for health insurance?


  • How and when to process a wage garnishment
  • How and when to process an income withholding for support
  • How much must an employer withhold and what are the deadlines for response and payment
  • How to handle multiple garnishments and income withholding orders, and how to establish priorities for payment 
  • How does a bankruptcy affect other orders

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Human resources specialists, personnel administrators, payroll specialists, and managers


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