HR Competencies

  • Global and Cultural Effectiveness
  • Relationship Management
  • Ethical Practice


To help participants recognize and gain a greater understanding of the unique needs of different generations in the workforce. A generation is defined as a society-wide peer group which possesses a commonality of experiences. These common experiences result in members of the same generation sharing common attitudes and behaviors. Differences among generations can negatively affect the work environment, and, if not addressed, may create rifts in the workplace. Participants will spend time understanding how communication and motivation can differ among generations. Through class activities, participants will gain skills to work more effectively with members of different generations.


  • Analyzing and appreciating the influencers of each generation
  • Examining the impact of historical and cultural factors on generational outlook
  • Discussing how each generation’s attitudes and behavior are shaped by other generations
  • Identifying each generation’s preferences for communication, customer service, development, and work culture
  • Practicing adapting communication styles to interact more effectively with members of different generations

Designed For

Management, supervisors, administration, customer service, human resources professionals, training, sales, and anyone whose success depends on the ability to relate to others


Employers Council staff

This class is particularly effective as a customized on-site.​


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