HR Competencies

  • Critical Evaluation
  • Business Acumen
  • HR Expertise


How an organization defines success, drives what it values. What that organization values, it measures, what it measures drives organizational behavior and the allocation of resources. A variety of metrics financial and non-financial) are used to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational strategies. Therefore, understanding and using HR metrics and analytics is an essential competency for human resources professionals. In addition, HR must have the ability to communicate and influence top management using data and insights that will enable the organization to achieve its business goals. In this class participants will learn; the foundations of measurement, the financial principles of how a business works, how business models affect what is measured and how analytics impacts business decisions. You do have to be a math whiz, we will provide you with the formulas, and give you the opportunity to apply measurement concepts to realistic business scenarios and problem solving activities. If you want to expand your Human Resource measurement and analytical skills, this class is for you.


  • Understanding the importance of HR metrics
  • Aligning HR and business goals
  • Identifying the right metrics
  • Connecting HR programs to organizational performance
  • Utilizing data, formulas, and statistical tools to support strategy and drive change

Designed For​

Human resources managers and professionals, business owners, and other managers who have HR responsibilities and are interested in demonstrating how HR adds measurable value to the organization


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