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The EEOC’s recent Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace stated that employers’ workplace prevention efforts need a reboot. Too many people in too many workplaces find themselves in unacceptably harassing situations. Other surveys have shown that 9 out of 10 employers will receive an internal complaint of harassment this year. Has it happened to your organization yet? Was the management team of your organization prepared to respond? The term “hostile work environment” seems ubiquitous in today’s workplace. Do your managers and supervisors know it when they see it? What is the difference between inappropriate conduct in the workplace and behavior that rises to the level of illegal harassment? Do your managers and supervisors know how to respond properly and prevent retaliation claims? Are supervisors and managers held to a higher standard for their own conduct? Part of the EEOC’s recommended solution is effective in-person training. Providing managers and supervisors with appropriate training is one of the key ways an employer can prevent liability for harassment claims and avoid retaliation claims.


  • What constitutes illegal harassment?
  • EEOC guidelines and employer liability, including when an employer can be held strictly liable for a supervisor’s harassment
  • Strategies to address inappropriate behavior that may lead to illegal harassment
  • How to prevent liability for workplace harassment and guard against retaliation claims Defenses to employer liability 

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All levels of management and human resources professionals responsible for creating and implementing illegal harassment policies. This is specifically targeted for supervisors and higher


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