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Are you compliant with the mandatory supervisor sexual harassment training requirement in California? If your organization has 50 or more employees, regardless of what state they are located in, all of your California-based supervisors and managers must be trained in compliance with the law. California law (Section 12950.1, also known as AB1825) imposes a dual training mandate when it comes to sexual harassment prevention. First, all new supervisors and managers must receive harassment prevention training within 6 months of being hired or promoted. Employers Council​'​s California focused Harassment Prevention webinar will be offered twice a year to ensure that your newly hired or promoted supervisors can meet that requirement. Second, all supervisors and managers must attend training every two years after their initial training. The Harassment Prevention webinar can be scheduled at a time of your convenience to train all of your California-based supervisors and managers at once, or we can schedule the program as an on-site at your California place of business. All mandatory harassment prevention training for managers and supervisors will be conducted by an Employers Council staff attorney licensed to practice law in California.


  • EEOC and California DFEH guidelines on prevention and correction of sexual harassment
  • Practical examples of illegal harassment and discrimination
  • Strategies to address inappropriate behavior that may lead to illegal harassment
  • How to guard against retaliation claims
  • Employer defenses

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Compliance with California training requirement for new or existing managers and supervisors


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