HR Competencies

  • Consultation
  • Business Acumen
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Leadership and Navigation 

Employers Council’s new leadership development program, The Intentional Leader, is an experience that will deepen awareness and develop crucial skills for executives and senior managers who demonstrate high leadership potential. The nine-month learning laboratory provides insights and opportunities that have an immediate and significant impact on a leader’s contributions to the organization. Our integrated approach challenges participants to immediately begin thinking as leaders. Program faculty support participants to include time-honored and cutting-edge leadership practices into their own leadership styles.


A four-part learning model including Strategic Mastery, Results Mastery, Self Mastery, and Interpersonal Mastery. 

Learning Format 

Nine-month program where participants in the learning cohort come together one day a month to apply their learning. 

Delivery Methods

Innovative online processes to minimize class time while sharing valuable content and to provide everyone access to participants’ and faculty thoughts and ideas throughout the year. The online process will also offer valuable follow-up for participants after the formal training is finished. 

Blended Learning Approach

This program is based on a blended learning approach, providing a multi-faceted, integrated experience through:
  • Four Core Training Modules using the innovative and efficient Reverse Classroom Method where participants learn new content at their own pace according to their schedule and then deepen the learning in the cohort setting through discussion, hands-on activities and application.
  • Executive Coaching: Eight one-on-one coaching sessions with an Executive Coach.
  • Workplace Project: A self-directed workplace project supported by a state-of-the-art online learning process with project advisement.
  • Decision-Making Groups: Three decision-making methods taught to address real time business issues.
  • Hot Topics: Half-day modules to introduce concepts relevant to today’s changing workplace. 

Program Format 

Participants will meet as a cohort group for a full day the fourth Wednesday of every month. Participants will complete assignments on their own schedule in preparation for the classroom days. The program will begin with a full day kick-off event on February 20, 2018, and will conclude with a two-day integration/closing session on October 16-17, 2018.

Application Process

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