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The International Conference is a unique forum bringing together practitioners, experts, and, vendors to support your global and domestic business. If you are thinking about expanding your business outside of the United States, and were wondering how to start the process, this conference is for you. If you are currently doing business outside of the United States are struggling with employee issues like: hiring, benefits, payroll, performance or taxes. This conference is for you. Even if you are not doing business outside the United States but employ foreign nationals and have issue with US immigration laws or culture assimilation issues. This conference is for you. This is a great opportunity to hear from people who understand the issues and can offer solutions. It is also an opportunity to network with other organizations that share your “pain”.

Speakers at the conference include Employers Council staff (a immigration attorney and HR professionals) as well as representatives from: the World Trade Organization, a public accounting firm, a global mobility organization and others. You do not need to be an international organization to attend, the world is coming to us and we all need to be prepared to compete with this rapidly emerging trend. Join us for this inaugural event.

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The conference is open to business owners, line manages and HR professionals​


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