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Utah is generally perceived to be an employer-friendly state. Thus, many businesses wrongly assume that there are no state-specific laws governing their employment practices. Do not fall victim to that incorrect assumption! Join the Council’s legal staff as they address key Utah rules that every employer needs to know and comply with.


  • Rules to focus on at the beginning of the employment relationship, such as Utah’s Post-Employment Restrictions Act (governing non- compete agreements), Employee Reference Immunity Law, and E-Verify/Immigration laws
  • Rules to focus on throughout the employment relationship, such as Utah’s Antidiscrimination Act (including sexual orientation and pregnancy protections), Drug & Alcohol Testing Law, and Payment of Wage Act
  • Rules to focus on near the end of the employment relationship, such as Utah’s At-will Employment Rules and Final Paycheck Law Designed For Any company representative who oversees employees, including human resources professionals, executives, managers, and supervisors, and anyone responsible for risk management or legal compliance


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