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  • Communication 


You can’t hire, you can’t fire, you don’t get to review, but you get all the responsibility. Being a Lead Worker is a uniquely challenging position with limited authority and increased accountability. We seek to provide lead workers with a better understanding of the diverse expectations of their position, how to better balance competing demands, and to provide specific techniques that will help them perform more effectively. This seminar focuses on tools for leads to manage different workplace relationships, the expectations and limitations of the position, and communication demands from employees and management. Participants will also identify and work with the different sources of influence they have within their role that can lead to greater ease and success. 


  • ​The role and challenges of being a lead worker
  • Essential elements for clarifying expectations
  • Maximizing the types of power and influence lead workers have available 
  • Communication skills needed with fellow employees 
  • Understanding how employees learn best and tips for on the job training Designed For Leads, group leaders, work coordinators, and assistant supervisors within any organization


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