HR Competencies

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Relationship Management


To lead, you need to know what kind of leader you want to be and only you have the answer. There are no easy formulas to make you an effective leader. Your leadership potential resides within you and can be unleashed by learning about yourself. This course is designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex terrain of leading people.

This course combines the best of behavioral and neurological science and experiential learning to help individuals become socially and emotionally smarter. It provides a framework, methodology, scientifically validated assessment, and direct experience for building the personal and relationship competencies required for creating high-trust relationships. It is also an introduction to the multiple applications of the FIRO-based Elements of Awareness which include developing personal and interpersonal effectiveness, improving customer service, and resolving conflict.


  • The aim of this workshop is to maximize your leadership potential. It will help you to:
  • Recognize the four critical areas of organizational effectiveness
  • Explore your leadership style and the impacts of your style on others
  • Know yourself, your triggers and your blind spots
  • Manage your emotions and decrease your reactivity
  • Practice new ways of working with and leading others
  • Increase your understanding of human behavior
  • Improve your effectiveness, focus and capacity to adapt
  • Create a vision for the leader you want to be

Special Features

This program offers:
  • Principles – for creating continuous, positive change
  • Theory – a simple framework for understanding human behavior and motivation
  • Practice – experiences to help you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions   
Follow-up coaching is available for an additional fee.


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