This briefing series helps company leaders face today’s developing and pressing legal challenges with confidence​.

Key Benefits

  • ​Taught by expert Employers Council attorneys and highly-respected guest attorneys
  • Practical application and real-world solutions for new employment law developments and complex legal challenges
  • To the point—just 90 minutes
  • Approved for HRCI, SHRM, and CLE credits 

Session Descriptions

The Rapidly Changing World of Employment Law Under President Trump (March 28)

From new laws and regulations to new leadership at federal agencies and new judges in the federal courts, the Trump administration has been very active in changing the employment law landscape in its first year.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs are some of the agencies that most affect employers, and they’ve all seen dramatic changes under Trump.  And with healthcare and immigration reform still on Trump’s wish list and likely to continue to be a source of much discussion in the coming months (or longer), continued change in the employer-employee relationship is virtually guaranteed.  In this Briefing, we will review what’s changed (along with some key things that haven’t) in the employment law world after approximately one year of President Trump’s administration.


Protecting Your Company and Your Employees from Cyber Threats (May 23)

Did you know that a single data breach can cost a company millions of dollars in lost business, fines, and corrective action, not to mention damage to its reputation?  Cyber security may seem like an issue for IT rather than HR or in-house counsel, but when it comes to protecting your company and your employees from cyber threats, your employees can either be your biggest threat or your biggest ally, and HR and legal professionals have a key role in creating policies and procedures to protect their companies and employees.  At this Briefing, we will explain what the biggest cyber threats are in 2018, the legal ramifications of those threats, and how your company can best defend against them.


Top Ten Mistakes Employers Make When Terminating Employees (September 12)

Every terminated employee represents a potential plaintiff in a lawsuit against your company.  While there’s no guaranteed way to avoid being hit with a lawsuit, you can significantly decrease the likelihood by avoiding the most common mistakes employers make when terminating employees.  Some of these risk areas have been around for years, while others are relative newcomers.  To help you minimize your chances of falling into these traps, we will explain what makes certain employees or situations high-risk, and offer a list of the top ten mistakes employers make when terminating employees that get them sued, along with practical tips on how to avoid these mistakes.


Social Media @ Work (November 14)

Employers are increasingly using social media to find and screen applicants.  And employees are increasingly using social media to communicate among themselves and to the rest of the world in ways that can affect, for better or worse, their employers.  The law in this area is still developing and can be a source of much uncertainty for employers.  To help you harness the power of social media while minimizing the accompanying legal risks, we will explain the employment law ramifications of social media, including discrimination and privacy claims, protected activity matters, and enforcement of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.  We’ll also address best practices and common sense when using social media in your hiring and employee relations policies and practices.

Who Should Consider this Program

Company executives, human resources professionals, in-house counsel, managers, and attorneys


Employers Council staff attorneys and guest attorneys​​


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