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To provide class participants with a practical understanding of complex employment law issues that managers and supervisors must have to effectively supervise employees. Managers and supervisors are on the “front line” of an employer’s liability and defense. Courts have stated that failing to train managers and supervisors on basic employment law issues is an “extraordinary mistake.” Often, issues arise that have both legal and management consequences. This popular full day class provides front-line managers and supervisors with the knowledge they need to recognize when a situation presents potential legal issues and provides a hands-on application of employment law principles to workplace situations. Managers and supervisors will gain an understanding of how to supervise employees inside legal boundaries, when HR should be involved, and how their actions (or inaction) could lead to liability.


Liability Overview

  • Business costs
  • Personal liability?
  • How are employers faring in court?


  • Employment-at-will doctrine

Wrongful discharge

  • What you say and do can create an implied employment contract

Interviewing and Selection

  • Job interviews don’t ask that question
  • Applicant disclosed what?!

Civil Rights

  • Employment discrimination laws including the pregnancy accommodation law, where applicable
  • Preventing sexual and other harassment why supervisors are held to a higher standard
  • ADA— do you know what a request for accommodation sounds like?


  •  State Laws
  • Defamation
  • Negligence
  • Privacy
  • Off-duty, off-premises activity, where applicable

Medical and Safety Issues

  • FMLA—what you need to know
  • Seeking medical information
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Drugs and alcohol

Pay Practices

  • FLSA overview
  • Common wage and hour violations made by managers

Separation and Discharge

  • RIFs​
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Employment references

Designed For

Front line managers and supervisors


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