HR Competencies

  • Leadership and Navigation 
  • Ethical Practice 
  • Relationship Management 


The MBTI® Step II™ personality inventory shows respondents their preferences further detailed into five components, called facets. The results come from responses on Form Q of the MBTI assessment, which allows for a deeper analysis of type. Step II results help define the differences with the 16 types and also provide assistance to people who are having trouble identifying their best-fit type. Ultimately the results provide a framework to assist individuals and teams in understanding how preferences manifest on the team in unique ways, and allows one to go deeper within the layers of Type Theory.
  • Refresh the language of MBTI theory ​
  • Experience the facets 
  • Interpret your results
  • Apply facet distribution to your team 


This class requires pre-work which will be emailed directly to participants upon registration. Because of the required lead time for online survey processing, the following deadlines are necessary:
  • Prior MBTI experience required.  You must have a solid understanding of your four-letter type.
  • Registration must be completed no later than two weeks prior to the seminar. 
  • Cancellation must be received no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the seminar. If the pre-work is already accessed, a $48 assessment fee will be charged. 

Designed For 

Anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of personality preferences and to work more effectively with others


Employers Council staff

On-Site Option

In addition to the standard on-site rate, there is a $70 per-person materials fee.​


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