HR Competencies 

  • Relationship Management 


To provide participants with the tools needed to achieve win/win results in all types of negotiations. This informative and interactive seminar allows participants to work with and examine the phases of the negotiation process that impact their ability to achieve win/win results. Instruction, class exercises, and a mock negotiation are used to provide participants with applicable skills and practical knowledge to become a more thoughtful and effective negotiator. 

Outline ​

  • Examine the benefits of win/win negotiations. 
  • Discuss the qualities of a good negotiator 
  • Review the dynamics at play during negotiations 
  • Understand and implement negotiation strategy and tactics 
  • Discuss the three phases of negotiation
  • Understand the importance of the best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • Implement win/win strategies in a mock negotiation 

Designed For 

All levels of professional and management personnel ​


Employers Council staff attorney​


Class Details

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