​HR Competencies

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Consultation
  • Critical Evaluation

Have you been asked to ...

  • Take on a more strategic role in your organization
  • Mediate conflict between individuals or work groups
  • Coach employees or senior leaders
  • Improve the functioning of a workgroup or your organization
  • Develop a strategic plan or set a vision
  • The OD Practitioner Certificate Program has the tools and skills to support you.

This program will help you ...

  • Create and lead sustainable organizational change
  • Formalize and diversify your current knowledge of OD practices
  • Practice using assessment tools and intervention strategies
  • Develop your facilitation skills
  • Establish a more consultative relationship with your client groups
  • Sharpen your skills as a high-performing OD practitioner who makes an impact and drives business results

Moving through the 10 month program as a member of a cohort enables participants to master concepts of organizational development,
while simultaneously building their capacity to diagnose, facilitate, and intervene in their own systems on a real-time basis.

Designed for

Anyone responsible for, managing change, or improving organizational performance and functioning. This program can benefit individuals just entering the field as well as experienced professionals seeking to advance their knowledge and skill.


The facilitators in the program are leading practitioners with diverse business backgrounds and specialized expertise in the various program areas. The faculty will be drawn from Employers Council and Mediation Association of Colorado (the MAC). They have taught, trained, and consulted internationally, with non-profit and for–profit companies, and have extensive experience with the public sector.

Prerequisite of the Organizational Development Practitioner Certificate Program

Introduction to Organizational Development: A Consultative Approach

Application Process

Call the Employers Council Organizational Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328 to request an application form.


Creating Organizational Excellence: The Human Element (March 14-16)

This powerful three-day seminar is designed to help participants develop increased self-awareness. Participants will learn how to enhance performance by developing healthier concepts of group and self.

Cultivating Group Identity (April 10-12)

Participants will work with tools and techniques for facilitating a group toward a common vision and mission by developing their own visioning map.

Entry, Contracting, Assessment, and Evaluation (May 8-11)

This session examines effective contracting. Participants have an opportunity to practice their consultation skills. In addition, participants will learn how to evaluate OD interventions.

Facilitation Skills and Designing Interventions (June 6-7)

Participants will learn techniques for helping groups move toward their desired outcomes, and they will also learn how to develop effective group interventions.

Change and Transition Management (July 10-11)

Models and tools for implementing change management and assessing organizational culture will be explored in this interactive session.

Appreciative Inquiry and The Reddy Process (August 14-15)

A framework is presented for discovering and valuing the factors that support an organization’s ongoing success. A process for identifying and reconciling group/team issues will be demonstrated.

Conflict Mediation (September 19-20)

Participants will learn about the power of mediation to resolve workplace conflicts, obtain an overview of the mediation process, and practice some basic mediation skills.

Workplace Coaching (October 9-10)

Participants will learn a systematic approach to coaching managers to an increased level of effectiveness and high performance.

Strategic Planning (November 1-2)

Participants will learn a process of determining or re-assessing an organization or business unit’s strategy, or direction, and how to make decisions on allocating its resources to pursue identified goals.

Integration (December 5)

Participants will do individual presentations based on their workplace project demonstrating the integration OD theory, skills, and techniques.

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