HR Competencies

  • Business Acumen 


Whether you are just thinking about a Lean implementation or you’ve been running lean for years, this course is designed to build or rebuild the foundational knowledge your people need to meet the challenges of a Lean work environment. Participants will learn the basics of lean management, including the definition of Lean, principles of innovation, and steps to take to eliminate wasteful activities from work processes. Let them learn to do more than work Lean. Help them learn to think Lean.


  • History of Lean
  • Value add vs. non-value add
  • Types of waste
  • Ways to see and think Lean
  • The power of YOU in Lean
  • Possible paths for Lean Implementation in your environment

Designed For ​

Anyone looking to streamline business processes. This program is for individuals new to the Lean process, those hoping to sharpen their Lean skills, or those curious about what Lean is or can offer


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