HR Competencies

  • ​Communication 
  • Consultation


To develop and practice the basic skills necessary for the effective delivery of presentations in various professional settings. Participants will focus on skill-building by designing and delivering two presentations and receiving both class and instructor feedback. Presentations will be recorded.


  • ​Presentation design
  • Style and delivery techniques
  • Visual aids
Practice and Feedback
  • Impromptu presentations
  • Informational presentations
  • Persuasive presentations
  • Instructional presentations

Designed For

This class is designed for individuals who have limited presentation skills/public speaking experience or those who wish to improve their confidence level in front of groups. It is helpful for those who deliver briefings, speeches, presentations (formal and informal), and reports. Class size is limited to 10, and participants must attend all three days.


Evening preparation time is required on both day one and day two of the class. Participants will receive a DVD copy of their individual presentations for later review.​


Employers Council staff

Presentation Skills Coaching Services

Customized coaching services are available to provide one-on-one feedback and guidance as you build your presentation skills. Contact the Organizational Development and Learning Department for more information.

On-Site Option

In addition to the standard on-site rate, there is a $20 per-person materials fee.​


Class Details

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