Overview on this Certification

The Employers Council provides a structured course of learning requiring an in-depth knowledge of supervisory topics. Individuals who complete the curriculum requirements are awarded the program certificate. Those completing the program requirements should contact Registration at 800.884.1328 or email registration@msec.org to request their certificate.

Plaque Requirements

There are three requirements to receive The Professional Management Recognition Plaque:

  • The participant must have been in an exempt employee position for at least 12 months.
  • The participant must have completed the core seminars and two seminars from the suggested additional seminar list.
  • The participant must present a statement from their immediate manager that certifies the participant has demonstrated the knowledge and skills of human resources professional or professional manager and formally recommends that the participant receive the certificate.

Note: Credit for seminars attended will be retroactive to January 2008.

Please note that you must complete both the Required Core Classes and the Elective Classes down below to receive this certification.

Required Core Classes

  • Coaching: Partnering for Performance

    We build the critical coaching skills necessary to enhance the supervisor/employee partnership, and give managers the tools and confidence needed to embrace the coaching role successfully. Course ID COACH104

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  • Collaboration Skills: A Radical Approach to Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

    Radical Collaboration® has a proven track record for teaching employees and organizations to become more successful. Course ID TEAM112

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  • Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills

    This workshop offers practical tools to support manager, supervisors, and employees in accessing the critical awareness needed to improve or modify their interpersonal communication in the workplace. Course ID COMM108

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  • Interviewing and Hiring I

    In this interactive course, participants learn to recognize the critical factors that predict performance and how to assess candidates using techniques to legally and effectively make the best hiring decisions. Course ID HR110

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  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

    This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to raise your emotional quotient at work. Course ID MGMT111

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  • Leadership Through Influence

    Participants increase their self-knowledge and awareness of their personal power base, determine strengths and weaknesses, and learn to apply specific influence tactics effectively. Course ID MGMT103

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  • Leadership: Why Would Anyone Want to Follow You?

    This course is designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex terrain of leading people. Course ID MGMT129

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  • Performance Management: Setting the Stage for Success

    Supervisors and managers learn to manage employee performance and development as an ongoing process and to tie the supervisory role to employee and organizational success. Course ID PERF104

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Classes You Can Choose From

You need to choose two of these classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

Learn practical talking and listening tools and strategies that can be put to immediate use. Course ID COMM101

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Communication Tools for Maximizing Performance

Successfully put into action a set of precise and practical communication methods, skills, and techniques. Course ID COMM105

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Compensation Administration I: Base Pay Design

Participants will develop a Total Rewards philosophy and work with a compensation model that begins with job analysis and introduces internal job evaluation and external market pricing. Course ID COMP101

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Conflict: Self-Management

Understand conflict patterns and acquire skills for responding constructively to interpersonal conflicts. Course ID CONF102

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Creating Effective Work Groups

Employee investment increases engagement and enhances communication. Attend this class to enhance your work group leadership skills. Course ID TEAM108

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Delegation: a Strategy for Empowerment

Become a master delegator—and avoid being perceived as a micro-manager—through exercises, discussions, and a case study. Course ID PERSD104

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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

This class provides an integrated and practical approach linking HR to the employment life cycle and compliance areas. Course ID HR104

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Generations: Working Together

Through class activities, participants will gain skills to work more effectively with members of different generations. Course ID PERSD115

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Train the Trainer

This class provides participants with comprehensive techniques to train groups of three or more. Course ID TRAIN103

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Group Facilitation Skills

Participants learn to clarify their role and grow their skills as facilitators. Course ID TEAM101

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Harassment Prevention

Providing managers and supervisors with appropriate training is one of the key ways an employer can prevent liability for harassment claims and avoid retaliation claims. Course ID LEGL116

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Leading Teams

Develop skills to provide strategic direction and effective decision-making as the leader of a team. Course ID TEAM107

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Project Management Foundations

The goal of Project Management I: Foundations is to provide a project management framework, tools, and techniques that help participants to initiate, plan, manage, control, and close projects effectively. Course ID PROJ101

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