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To train employers to recognize the signs and symptoms of on-the-job impairment by drugs or alcohol. This class includes an in-depth discussion of the signs and symptoms of alcohol use and the five drugs most commonly tested for, an in-depth look at the evolving legal status of marijuana, when drug tests are conducted, methodologies of drug testing, and how to engage with an employee suspected of on-the-job impairment.


  • Determining the type of testing for the workforce
  • Observing and documenting bases for reasonable suspicion testing
  • Confronting employees and anticipating their reaction
  • Combatting prescription drug use
  • Understanding the drug testing process
  • Urinalysis versus oral fluids testing
  • Drug detection windows by drug
  • Avoiding legal liability
  • Laws that affect drug testing, including FMLA, ADA, DOT, Title VII, unemployment insurance, and more

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