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Have you been advanced over your co-workers? Have you been promoted into a new department? Are you managing people who applied for your position? Have you ever felt that a former colleague expected preferential treatment simply because they worked with you before you were promoted? Are some people testing the rules or trying to take advantage of their relationship with you? Transitioning from being “one of the team” to “leader of the pack” isn’t easy. It can be confusing for everyone involved and can create tension, resentment, and passive (or not-so passive) resistance. Discover how you can manage this difficult transition more effectively, develop your own management style, and create the kinds of relationships with your employees that guarantee your success as a new leader.


  • Identify what has changed, what has stayed the same, and how your relationships with people are essential for your next move
  • Understand the key steps to a smooth transition into leadership
  • Learn how to “Just Ask” your boss, your team, your employees the right questions to ensure your success
  • Understand how to establish boundaries and address issues
  • Maximize your experience as a “buddy” to help you as a “boss”
  • Create an environment where your people trust you, look to you for resources, and solve problems with you
  • Recognize and apply the strengths and abilities you possess to further your career

Designed for

Anyone transitioning from a team member into a lead, supervisory, or manager role


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