HR Competencies

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • HR Expertise
  • Ethical Practice


Today’s workplace demands highly honed supervisor skills. Those skills that have proven to be the most effective are self-management; relationship building and performance management of others. Highly successful leaders create highly successful organizations. This program has helped thousands of supervisors. It stresses the tasks and interpersonal skills that are most important to help supervisors and their direct reports strive for optimal results in their work relationships.


  • Explore your leadership style and understand how to better work with others, your team, and your peers
  • Set and communicate expectations
  • Improve listening skills
  • Define elements of and practice delivering effective feedback
  • Analyze employee performance using the Mager-Pipe system so you can choose the best way to help an employee
  • Build employee engagement
  • Identify strategies to support employees before, during, and after training

Designed For

First and second level supervisors


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