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To provide participants with the processes that result in successful technical writing. In this full-day session, participants will learn how to develop a process-oriented, formulaic approach to writing; create and use an outline to manage a document; identify and write to the needs of the audience; and make writing simple, clear, and concise. Without solid technical writing skills, it is difficult and time-consuming to write any type of technical document. Well-organized technical documents are a necessary part of doing business for virtually every organization—from IT and engineering to service providers and non-profits, to construction and transportation—in other words, any organization that creates policies, plans, reports, studies, proposals, or similar documents.


  • Learn the elements and approaches to make documents clear and concise
  • Manage sentence and paragraph lengths and structure to ensure clarity
  • Make technical materials understandable to less or nontechnical readers
  • Use appropriate words and jargon
  • Understand and use tone, voice, and person
  • Write to the interests and level of your most likely readers
  • Build an outline and use it as a document management tool
  • Create relationships between document sections to expedite allocating information and locating data between sections
  • Understand what goes in a section and what doesn’t
  • Learn how to write using bullets

Designed For

Employees and managers seeking ways to improve their technical writing skills


Janet Arrowood, The Write Source


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