HR Competencies

  • HR Expertise
  • Consultation
  • Leadership and Navigation


Coach, mentor, legal agent, interviewer, disciplinarian, and cheerleader are just a few of the names and responsibilities of today’s supervisor. Knowing you have difficulty scheduling training into an already busy schedule, we have bundled our four most requested supervisory essentials into a one-week intensive training experience. This program takes supervisors through the life cycle of an employee. Interviewing skills, coaching, communication, feedback skills, and the legal issues of addressing performance concerns is covered.


  • Supervision: Core Competencies (Monday and Tuesday) — provides participants with the communication and feedback skills needed to motivate and develop employee performance
  • Interviewing and Hiring I (Wednesday)—provides participants with a working and practical knowledge of effective interviewing techniques. Participants develop the skills to plan and conduct legal employment interviews and evaluate candidates
  • Legal Issues for Supervisors and Managers (Thursday)—alerts participants to the major legal issues and common trouble spots in the employment relationship
  • Performance Management: Setting the Stage for Success (Friday)—provides participants with the basic critical skills required to effectively manage and evaluate the performance of employees

Designed For

Front-line supervisors, managers, and Human Resources Professionals. It is an intensive and extensive training program covered in 5 days


Employers Council staff​


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