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To provide managers with new skills to help them focus on their priorities, get organized, and stay on track. Participants will discover how to identify and attain long-term goals, both personally and professionally. By taking the time for the important task of values clarification during an in-class activity, participants will learn how to laser-focus activities on a daily basis to help reach these goals.


  • Learn to recognize where time goes
  • Identify your top five personal time wasters and discover ways to control or eliminate them
  • Discover the time wasters that are consuming your day and how they affect your performance
  • Categorize activities to see whether they focus on priorities or on time wasters
  • Become a More Effective Leader
  • Based on the latest concepts from Stephen Covey, David Allen, Donald Whetmore, and Julie Morgenstern, participants will explore the connection between leadership, management, and time management
  • Delegate to gain control of your day
  • Discover how to move from crisis management and putting out fires, to the discipline of organized and prioritized activities
  • Plan/Implement Life Balance Techniques That Reflect Your Values
  • Review the historical progress of time management from making lists to making value-based decisions on time
  • Define and focus your priorities, both business and personal
  • Practice staying on track by planning your daily events
  • Redesign your day so you can restore balance in your life

Designed For

Managers who want to learn how to quit “doing it all,” become more productive, less stressed, and create a balance between work and personal time. Note: Please bring your current calendar or time management system to the class


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