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To provide participants with effective tools that will help them manage their activities and priorities in a busy office. This class is designed for employees who respond to multiple demands, face frequent interruptions, and need to sort the important tasks from the time wasters. Participants will spend time in class clarifying values in order to spend more time on what matters most to them. Bring your time challenges; leave with time-saving solutions.


  • Define the time wasters that overwhelm your day
  • Identify your personal and professional short and long-term goals
  • Establish goals for each day so others don’t set them for you
  • Prioritize your work so you get the most important things done first
  • Effectively use a daily planning system
  • Review research by Covey, Allen, Morgenstern, and Whetmore
  • Manage telephone interruptions
  • Learn to say “no” to boss(es)—in a nice way
  • Handle procrastination
  • Divert drop-in visitors and “socializers” who rob your time
  • Unravel miscommunication and unclear directions
  • Overcome over-scheduling and resulting stress
  • Create an action plan for managing all your roles in life

Designed For

Support staff, administrative assistants, secretaries, and others who are overwhelmed with daily demands


Doug Gertner, Ph.D., Workplace Seminars and Solutions

This class is effective as a customized on-site.​


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