HR Competencies

  • Communication
  • Relationship Management


Have you ever met a new business associate and immediately forgotten their name? Do you feel like you are on information overload and can’t recall the important points of a meeting, conversation or a presentation? At last, there is a solution to help you discover your hidden brilliance.  In this session participants will learn how to access and use their innate power of photographic memory, a gift we all possess and can learn to cultivate.


  • Remember what you hear, including a daily list of to-dos, appointments, directions, and more
  • Recall what you read, including foreign languages, technical data, scripts, and presentations
  • Remember “What's his name?” (long -term and short-term name recall)
  • Understand your learning style and the learning styles of others
  • Learn the roadblocks hindering effective learning and study skills, and how to head them off at the curve
  • Create a working action plan and begin to implement the new techniques and strategies you've learned within your organization and personal life

Designed For

Executives, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to learn how to use their mind and memory more productively and efficiently


Marguerite Ham, Igniting Success


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