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With unemployment costs escalating dramatically, human resources professionals and line managers need a working knowledge of the unemployment insurance system. This seminar is designed to help employers understand who can receive benefits, the financial impact to the organization, and how to control/minimize unemployment costs. During the morning session, participants review the basic provisions and procedures of state laws and focus on why employees are disqualified from benefits or receive a full award of benefits. In the afternoon, attendees participate in a mock appeal hearing to apply the strategies and skills gained in the morning session.


  • Who is covered by unemployment insurance?
  • Who pays the costs?
  • Strategies for lowering your unemployment taxes
  • Benefit awards: full award and disqualification
  • Administrative procedures: responding to the claim
  • Participation in a mock appeal hearing
  • Hearing Officer presentation regarding their decision-making and rationale

Designed For

All levels of management. As a follow-up to this seminar, participants should consider attending the Unemployment Insurance: Appeal Hearing Workshop


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