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To provide participants with a better understanding of the common issues that arises when managing employees in a union environment. This informative seminar focuses on the unique legal challenges supervisors face when operating under a union contract. Participants will examine the parameters of the union contract as it pertains to management rights, past practice; just cause termination, and grievance and arbitration administration. Participants will learn to initiate and implement good management practices that foster a positive relationship with the union and its employees.


  • Conflicts between management rights and collective bargaining provisions
  • Establishing the seven elements of just cause
  • Effective grievance and arbitration administration
  • The dangers of inconsistent enforcement and “past practice”
  • Weingarten rights and union representation
  • Review of recent Board decisions relevant to managing in a union environment

Designed For

Supervisors, managers, and human resources specialists who work in a union environment


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