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To provide an analytical framework and working knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Class action wage and hour lawsuits now outnumber discrimination lawsuits. Participants will learn common pitfalls and mistakes that employers make in administering the FLSA. This seminar incorporates current case law, regulations, DOL Administrator Interpretations and enforcement efforts, along with the DOL’s salary basis and salary level requirement for white collar exemptions.


  • FLSA Coverage
  • Recordkeeping and retention requirements
  • Compensable hours of work-travel time, on-call, and training
  • Effective timekeeping strategies
  • Alternative work weeks
  • Compensation included in the regular rate for overtime calculations—bonus payments, shift differentials, and other payments
  • Calculating overtime on commissions, piece rate, salaried non- exempts, and other non-hourly rates of pay
  • White collar exemptions from overtime (executive, administrative, professional, computer, and outside sales employees)
  • Applicable state wage and hour laws
  • Child labor regulations
  • DOL investigations and enforcement posture

Designed For

Human resources managers, accounting, payroll personnel, and any- one who needs to be aware of the wage and hour laws


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