HR Competencies

  • Communication
  • Global and Culture Effectiveness


In our busy and ever-changing workplaces, disrespectful attitudes and behaviors occur often, both knowingly and unknowingly. This valuable course offers you an opportunity to investigate some root causes of disrespect and unclear personal boundaries. You will also gain aware- ness and communication tools to create clarity and agreement about your definition and your co-workers’ definition of respect so they can be expressed in mutually beneficial ways. You will leave with an immediately applicable understanding about what it means to interact with coworkers in a respectful manner and how to successfully ask for mutual respect from them.


  • Understand how changes in the workforce, the workplace and society, have made workplace respect an ever contemporary issue
  • Identify the varying characteristics and definitions of workplace respect
  • Explore the way in which our values affect workplace interactions and expectations of respect
  • Learn to effectively communicate individual boundaries and requests for respect

Designed For

Anyone whose desire it is to draw clearer personal boundaries and foster the behaviors that are characteristic of a respectful workplace


Employers Council staff

This class is particularly eff ective as a customized on-site. 


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