HR Competencies

  • Communication
  • Critical Evaluation


To recognize and repair errors in business documents of all kinds, including email. Participants will learn how to prevent embarrassing errors in word choice, punctuation, grammar, and formats. You will also learn how to develop specific skills necessary for proofreading and editing your own work as well as the work of others. We will discuss how to give feedback to writers to help them produce strong, professional documents.


Achieving Error Free Documents

  • Timing your review
  • Incorporating multiple senses
  • Proofreading visually
  • Checking for accuracy 

Identifying Common Mistakes

  • Error hot spots
  • Typical typos
  • Sentence structure issues 
    • Fragments and Run-ons 
    • Parallelism 
    • Subject-verb agreement 
    • Passive and active voice
  • Word choice errors
    • ​Pronouns 
    • Word Choice 
    • Gender considerations
  • Punctuation pitfalls

Designed For

Anyone who has taken Brush-Up English or anyone who wants to improve editing and reviewing skills

BONUS! Individual Review Option: The instructor will confidentially review your writing and return it to you during the session. Please email up to three short documents (maximum five pages) to, ATTN: Jenny Morse. Documents must be received one week prior to date of workshop.


Jenny Morse, Ph.D., Appendance​


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