Those in administrative, support, and internal customer service jobs increasingly have more responsibilities as the workplace struggles “to do more with less.” It is critical for support personnel to be skilled in a variety of organizational, communication, and influence techniques. Emphasis for this certificate is placed on how support staff can work more effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and customers (internal and external) while meeting organizational goals and their own developmental needs

Who Should Attend

All levels of support staff and administrative assistants.

Certificate Requirements

Complete all of the required core classes listed below. For further information about our certificate programs or for those completing the certificate requirements to request their certificate, please contact Registration at 800.884.1328 or email

Please note that you must complete the Required Core Classes to receive this certification and there are also suggested Elective Classes down below.

Required Core Classes

  • Assertiveness Training for Support Staff

    Participants will learn to successfully manage customers, clients, bosses, and co-workers Course ID PERSD102

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  • Business Writing for Support Staff

    Participants will learn how to maximize the writing process, from planning to proofreading. Course ID WRITI106

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  • Communicating in Difficult Situations for Non-Management Personnel

    Competent communication—your ability to manage differences skillfully—can transform costly situations into profitable outcomes. Course ID COMM102

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  • Developing and Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

    This class is designed to help you understand how to build trust and how that impacts relationships with your co-workers, managers, and customers. Course ID MGMT128

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  • Leadership Skills and Strategies for Administrative Assistants

    This popular seminar offers participants opportunities to reflect on personal core values that shape their leadership style and to learn skills and strategies for achieving success. Course ID SPEC457

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  • Practical Problem Solving for Support Staff

    Using your unique problem solving style, apply step-by-step techniques to identify the bottom line, focus on the cause not just the symptoms, develop and explore options and select the best solution. Course ID PROBS102

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  • Supervision: The Art of Managing Up

    Learn to partner more successfully and effectively with your boss. Course ID SUPV120

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Classes You Can Choose From

Suggested classes in addition to the required classes above to complete your certification.

Brush-Up English

Write and edit for clarity, emphasis, and grammatical correctness. Course ID WRITI112

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Customer Relations: Making the Connection

Explore methods to connect with customers to give them a truly personalized experience, practice skills to acknowledge the customer’s needs in difficult situations, and determine appropriate action steps. Course ID CUST101

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Email: Write for Results

Cultivate better email practices- learn how to write emails and other web content that make it easy for the reader to understand and respond. Course ID WRITI110

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Leadership Through Influence

Participants increase their self-knowledge and awareness of their personal power base, determine strengths and weaknesses, and learn to apply specific influence tactics effectively. Course ID MGMT103

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Telephone Imagery: Improving Customer Service

This workshop is designed to develop telephone communication skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace, resulting in a higher standard of customer service excellence. Course ID CUST102

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