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You need legal advice about labor and employment laws throughout the life cycle of the employment relationship. Employers Council's knowledgeable and experienced employment attorneys don' t just explain the law, they help our members assess options and find practical solutions. Members come to us for legal advice about complicated labor and employment laws and our experienced, professional staff guides them through the best courses of action.

Our employment attorneys can help you develop training plans and policies to minimize the risk of harassment and discrimination claims. Ideally, our members are able to use these preventative measures to avoid legal action, but even the best employers find themselves responding to claims from disgruntled employees. If a member does face a lawsuit, Employers Council's attorneys appear before state and federal administrative agencies in a variety of matters on their behalf.

Our attorneys guide members as they navigate the ever-changing world of employment law in many areas, including:

  • Employment agreements
  • Drug and Alcohol policies
  • Terminating employees
  • Garnishment guidance
  • Reductions in force and layoffs
  • Workplace Safety
  • Training for managers and employees


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Legal Representation

Our labor and employment attorneys represent members in hundreds of unemployment hearings annually. As part of the representation, they help members understand the unemployment appeal process, interview witnesses, prepare documents, appear at the hearing as the member's counsel, and, if necessary, draft appeals. When representing members in civil rights charges filed with the EEOC or state agencies, our attorneys review the claims, evaluate documents and witness statements, and write position statements. Our legal staff can also explain the complicated administrative process to members that prefer to represent themselves.

​Wage and Hour Complaints

Often, members seek advice from our attorneys about the wide array of wage and hour laws. Under federal law, failing to properly pay overtime to employees can lead to an employer being required to pay the dollar amount owed for the previous two years (three years for willful violations), plus an equal amount for liquidated damages, and attorney's fees. Many state laws provide additional penalties and avenues for recovery. Our labor and employment attorneys help members develop compliant policies and practices, and also conduct wage and hour audits to identify potential concerns.

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Employee Leave Laws

Employers Council's attorneys frequently advise members on the numerous local, state and federal employee leave laws. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) applies to government agencies, public or private schools, and private sector companies employing 50 or more employees in 20 or more workweeks in the current or preceding calendar year. Even employers not covered by FMLA may be subject to city, county or state laws including those covering paid sick leave, pregnancy related leave, domestic abuse victims' leave, and parental leave. In some circumstances, a leave of absence may be considered a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Drug and Alc​ohol Violations

Especially in states like Washington and Colorado which have legalized the use of marijuana, drug use in the workplace is a hot topic. Many employers are wondering whether they need to update their drug policies for workers in these states, and whether those laws mean they're no longer allowed to have a drug-free workplace. For example, if an employee has a medical marijuana card, are they exempted from current drug policies?

Employers Council can help you navigate these changes in legislation and maintain a drug-free workplace while still attracting and retaining top talent – wherever you are in the country. Our HR experts can help you establish drug and alcohol policies that will position you to avoid legal action in the event you need to terminate an employee, and our legal staff can help defend your workplace if you're facing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Firing and ​Hiring

Employers Council provides its members with employment law advice that addresses the full cycle of an employee – from hiring and pay to leave and termination. Instituting clear policies on the front end can help mitigate risk when something does go wrong. Our attorneys and HR experts can help you establish policies that align with your culture and help you hire top talent, while staying compliant with state and federal laws and lowering the risk of legal action in the event you need to terminate an employee.

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Workplace Safety

Regardless of how careful and sound your workplace safety policies are, accidents can happen on and off site that affect your bottom line. Employers Council can help you establish a workplace that proactively plans for workers' compensation, from establishing workplace practices that can help prevent injuries to providing legal consulting and advice in the event a claim is filed, including everything from investigation and reporting to effective employee communication – all which can help you stay compliant and reduce your workers' compensation expenses. In the case of an OSHA citation, Employers Council's legal staff can help you prepare for a workplace investigation and take every step to mitigate the penalties and damages that may occur. 

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Fr​​equently Asked Questions

​How expensive are your attorneys?

Our attorneys are available for consulting and even to appear on your behalf before state and federal administrative agencies for no additional cost once you become a member, which can cost less than a month's salary for a single employee. To calculate the cost of a membership for your organization, request a tailored quote. In-depth legal ​representation is available once you become a member as an add-on service.

​Will a membership with Employers Council help me stay up to date on changing legislation in my area?

Employers Council sends out publications via email to ensure you're up-to-date on changing laws and how they can affect your workplace. These publications often include information on laws not being shared or published anywhere else. For a sample, explore our Hot Topics. Employers Council also pairs each member with an account representative you can call for legal or HR advice on your individual workplace.​


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